Saturday, April 16, 2005

Well it all started off two days ago at the diner. Pary originally at Bev's house but her parents never went away. So, Matt's house it is! Weeeiiirdddd night. Let me tell you...

Classy! Or is it?

Hey Ha!

So close to capturing a weird fucking Tj face.

Eat them up, yum yum!

Dope #1

Dope #2

Best Dope #3


This is jill, falling down the stairs. Dead.

Bev stealing my pizza...dirty whore

Bev, and balloons.



What!? What are we talking about?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Morning Picnic

Today we went to the Skylands Manor, 10AM. Why? Becuase we are crazy. Nikole's house came afterwards - making food there. Back to the field for more fun and food. It was a good time. Hey, tomorrow morning.....yep!

...and I don't even think they were looking at anything.


Tj palming Bev's face


Let the games begin

Cigarette break


Bev, rolling.

Cleanin' out the trunk

Nice pic...and Tj sucking his hand?